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at Faire Development?


前所未有 如获宝贝 方仪实业推出 bae 初到新山房产界即创佳绩

即是“空白”,又是“如宝贝”,当地享誉盛名的方仪实业(FAIRE DEVELOPMENT)冲出巴株巴辖堡垒,进军新山房地产,就带来首波震撼弹,首推的“bae”宽度楼,非报表单位在推介短短3个月内售出,一屋难求!来自巴株巴辖起家拥有50年历史的房地产老品牌新顺利实业(马)有限公司推出的方仪实业(Faire Development)这一次首次踏足新山置业,推出了双排楼项目————bae就建在新山拥挤的Terbau区,占地27美元。

Faire Development makes its mark in Johor.

FAIRE Development Sdn Bhd may be the “new kid on the block” in Johor Baru, but the developer is no stranger to the property scene. The subsidiary of Sin Soon Lee Realty Co (M) Sdn Bhd – a well known family business of 50 years in Batu Pahat – is helmed by Kenneth Lim, the second-generation owner. Lim joined the family business upon returning from studying Economics in the United States in 2011. “Back then, I saw the need to restructure the legacy business in order to be sustainable and continue being relevant in the property market,” he recalls.

宝贝 bae 对你的意义究竟是什么

峇株巴辖知名发展商新顺利实业(马)有限公司 (Sin Soon Lee Realty)旗下的方儀实业(FaireDevelopment)进军新山房地产,打响头炮的BAE有地住宅项目,在推出3个月内 非土著便已售罄,掷地有声地进入业界占有一席之位。

宝贝 bae 对你的意义究竟是什么

具有50年歷史的房地产老品牌新顺利实业(马)有限公司(Sin Soon Lee Realty),旗下的方儀实业(Faire Development)正式进军新山房产业,首推“bae"双层排屋房产项目,在短短3个月内非土着单位售罄,反应热烈! 方儀实业所打造的“bae”双层排屋项目,处于新山繁华的地不佬区,占地27英亩,“bae”地理位置卓越,被数个成熟花园区包围,即御景园、实达英达花园及拿督翁镇毗邻,1公里可到达Aeon。值得一提的是,为让居住在社区的居民享受优质的亲子生活,发展商也打造了占地4000平方尺的儿童游乐园,让居民享受天伦之乐。



Congratulations to our newest homeowners at baé by Faire Development! We were thrilled to have hosted the SPA signing session with our valued purchasers over the weekend. Your presence fuels our journey toward shared success, and we’re deeply appreciative!

Show House Opening

A huge thank you to everyone who made our Show House Opening on 11 & 12 May 2024 a hit!  Your support made the day unforgettable.